Tiny Toys.

March 8, 2017


          We are still in the middle of a rainy/ snowy season here in Oregon which means I have to endure a few more drenched weekends before I can take advantage of any full time sun light. In the mean time, I have to find creative ways of practicing my photography. This usually entails me photographing whatever I have lying around the house.  Since my cats were in a 'not having it' mood I decided to have a mini shoot with some of the toys and figurines my husband and I have accumulated over the years. (Yes, we are a childless 30-something couple that has toys. The reason being my husband works in the Entertainment/Gaming Industry and I, simply, refuse to grow up.)

So, I pinned a role of white paper to the wall and let is hang over a small side table and got going. I wanted up close and detailed images so I attached a 31mm macro lens to my Canon 24-105mm zoom lens. Up to this point, whenever I attempted to shoot Macro I would do it by hand. This would cause most of my images to then be blurry. For this shoot I tired to use a tripod. Which created my first challenge.


The Tripod was causing more issue than solving problems. It was big, bulky, and hard to manipulate. I couldn't get it at the right height or distance and it kept causing my background paper to rip from the wall. Finally, in a fit of frustration, I manipulated the tripod into a kind of monopod. This fixed everything and made me instantly fall in love with the idea of a monopod and made me want to purchase a monopod immediately. 

 Sure, the tripod fiasco was solved, but I came across another problem: good lighting. The issue being I didn't have any.  I only have one area of my house that gets good natural light but that didn't really matter on this day since there was a cloudy overcast.  So I had to my artificial lights which are not my favorite.  Even with the lights I had to bump up the ISO in order to get a more balanced image.  Later when I was editing the pictures I noticed that this caused major noise.  Luckily, I just taught myself how to decrease the level of noise in Lightroom. For the conditions I had I was able to get results that I am happy with. 

Make sure to leave a comment to let me know what you think of my images or if you happen to have any advice when it comes to taking macro pictures. 


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