Happy Birthday Mom.

March 9, 2017




 To the woman who had to sleep on the floor of my bedroom to ensure I wouldn't crawl out of my crib.

To the woman who took me out of Kindergarten for a week for a mother/ daughter trip to Disneyland. 

To the woman who made two attempts to get my ears pierced only to finally bribe me with the purchase of a Care Bear for the third successful try. 

To the woman who explained how menstruation works to me while working out on a NordicTrack. 

 To the woman who went with me to see The Backstreet Boys in Las Vegas for my 13th birthday. 

 To the woman who worked hard to help pay for my college education so I wouldn't be stuck with any student loan debt.  

 To the woman who financed my acting classes and helped pay for my L.A. apartment so I can be free to pursue an acting career. 

 To the woman who has selflessly dedicated her life to establishing that her children will live happy and fulfilled lives. Who supported and encouraged us to follow our dreams. Who never judged us over the choices we made. Who allowed us to make mistakes and bad life decisions in order for us to learn and grow as adults.

 To the woman who showed me what hard work looks like and who taught me how to love unconditionally. 

To the woman who I am forever indebted to and to whom I am so proud to call my mother.

Happy Birthday. 



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