Meet Claire

June 26, 2017


Back in May I had the lovely opportunity to photograph this little cutie during my few day trip in Sacramento, CA.  She was a little stand offish at first but that was to be expected. This stranger of a woman comes into your house and shoves a camera in your face. You would be a little nervous too. However, it only took a few minutes of me asking her about her favorite toys before she was completely comfortable with me. Claire, her Father, and I then made the trek to a neighboring park so I can get some fun and playful outdoor pictures. 


It was a HOT May morning so following her around the park made me work up a sweat. She didn't seem to be much bothered by it.





 Overall, it was a successful shoot. My favorite pictures are the ones I captured of her when she was first warming up to me. You can see the hesitation yet curiosity in her face. Also, her little wispy bangs are just the most adorable thing ever. 






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