Meet Teddy

June 27, 2017

   I have a friend named Carly. She is a talented hair stylist and owner of Aria Hair Salon in Sacramento, CA and I make it an effort to see her every time I am in town.  For this trip I finally got to meet her son, Teddy. So after my hair appointment where she made me beautiful we headed over to her home to do a mini photo sesh.

  I've previously seen photos of Teddy before this day but nothing could prepare me for how adorable he is in person. He is a rolly polly baby with a head of bright strawberry blond hair and large piercing blue eyes. 

 At first he was not having it. He was definitely in stranger danger mode with my presence. Luckily, Carly and her Mother knew exactly what to do to get little Teddy to smile. 

   We then took the little chunk out front to take advantage of the beautiful natural sun light. Teddy was more comfortable and I got some cute pictures of him being more natural and playing with his toys. 

   Basically, Teddy is adorable and I couldn't get enough of him. 

















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