Meet TJ, River, and Leland

June 28, 2017

     These three are my favorite little trio to photography. TJ is the oldest brother, River is the middle sister, and Leland is the baby. I've known their parents for years. In fact, I had a going away party over 6 years ago and Leslie, their Mother, made a special appearance with TJ still in her belly. So, I have seen all three of these lcuties come into the world and  grow into little people. 

     I had the chance to photograph them almost 8 months ago. We went for a stroll to the park. TJ showed me how to play Pokemon Go, River held my hand as we walked, and Leland even allowed me to carry him. It was a great afternoon and I got some wonderful candids as well as great group shots of all three of them together. 

                                   From September '16 


     This time I wanted to treat this shoot a little differently. I wanted to get more portraits of them. I borrowed a colorful blanket from mom and laid it out in a good spot in the back year. Since TJ was still at school the first hour was just River and Leland. River was very receptive and social. She even allowed me to pose her. Like for this picture, I folded her tiny hand into a little fist and placed it delicately under her chin. She held the pose, looked right into the camera lens, and then smiled. Which in turn created one of my favorite images of the afternoon.

     Then it was Leland's turn. Leland really didn't want anything to do with me. Which slightly broke my heart because the last time I saw him we were getting on like we were BFFs. However, he is of that age where strangers make him a nervous, so I guess I expected it. 

     Because he was so hesitant I didn't want to do anything that would make him uncomfortable. So I had mom put him on the blanket and position him. I just took the pictures while Mom attempted to make him smile by making funny faces over my head. Thankfully we succeeded.


     Then it was play time until TJ got home. This is where I realized what kind of photography I really enjoy doing. Portraits will sometimes turn out great but it is the child candids that really make me happy. To just watch and observe them as they play and be their natural selves. That is what I really prefer to photograph. 

     River took to the swing. I asked her if she could see anything in my lens and that got her to look directly at me.

     Leland was attached to Mom and as soon as she would put him down he would cry to be picked up again. So when she would place him I had to act quickly to get a shot where he wasn't crying. 

     When TJ got home I wanted to  get some shots of the three of them together. However, TJ  just finished school and the last thing he wanted to do was pose for pictures, which I totally understood. Which means I had to work fast. I positioned the three of them on the same colorful blanket on the front yard this time because the lighting was better. As soon as I said "booties on blanket" TJ was there and was ready to go. He was really being a good sport.

      Getting the three of them to look at me and smile at the same time was a challenge. However, I don't hate the images I got. There is a sense of humor about them and also some realness. Having three very different tiny humans all do the same thing is really hard and these images show that. I kinda love it.

      To sum up, I just really like hanging out with these three and I look forward to possibly  photographing them again in the future.



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