My day in Sacramento, CA.

June 30, 2017


     I was born and raised in Sacramento. I went to college in Sacramento. I no longer live in Sacramento but I often visit to see my parents, friends, and to explore my favorite area, Downtown.

     Downtown Sacramento always looks different every time I visit. It has definitely had a face lift since my Sac State days. It seems to be busier on a typical work day afternoon, there are a lot more parking meters, and the delicious food options have exploded. However, there is one spot that is still thriving that I just love to always make a stop at. 

     The Tower Theater is a staple to Sacramento. I use to love coming to this Theater to see films that were not being screened in major houses. I saw '500 Days of Summer' here on my 24th birthday. Attached to the Theater is The Tower Cafe which offers some wonderful food options. My go to lunch is the asian noodle salad.Since I was there in the morning I decided to try their huevos rancheros for breakfast and I was not disappointed. 

    After breakfast I wanted to take pictures of The Capitol Building. I am a fan of architecture and Capitol building usually always deliver on some interesting details that make for great images. I also have not visited the Capitol since a field trip in the 3rd grade.

     I remember that this was on the day the House passed the Senate Healthcare Bill making it one step closer to repealing Obamacare. I had mixed emotions as I walked around a government building while the federal government was fighting so hard to take away my health coverage. It was a very sad and surreal feeling. But I got good pictures so I win in the end?

     I needed to sit and relax after walking around for nearly an hour and being stressed about our current political climate. So, I headed to my new favorite coffee place to grab a cup of decaf and start editing pictures.


     I'll be honest, the only reason I visited Old Soul the first time is because I have an old colleague who works here. Now I just love it. Great atmosphere and yummy coffee, what more could a girl ask for.

     So that was my day in Sac. If I never left and decided to continue to live in Sacramento, the downtown/ midtown area is where I would have most likely called home. 

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