Meet Kim

July 6, 2017


     Kim is one of the funniest woman I know. As a true New Yorker she is bold, honest, and has a keen 'bullshit' detector. This shoot would be my first time photographing a person who is over the age of 10 and I knew Kim would be a supportive subject. 

     I use to live within walking distance of the LACMA street lights and I thought these would be a great backdrop for our shoot. I had to make sure that we started early enough to get pictures of Kim with the lights alone. However, Kim was running a little late that morning because Los Angeles. My heart dropped and I knew we had missed our opportunity when a swarm of middle schoolers came out of no where and took selfie possession of the display. I was devastated and trying to come up with other creative things to do since the Lights were now out of the question. Yet, when Kim did arrived, the swarm started to moved onto the next thing to Instagram. So even if we have started at our original scheduled time we would have been at the mercy of the cluster trying to get their Snapchat fill. 

     As soon as the pubescent parade started to disperse I politely  shoved Kim into the middle of and we got going.  Kim is a natural in front of the camera though she may say otherwise. She mentioned that this was her first time doing a photo shoot like this and she wasn't sure what she was doing, but she could have fooled me. In all honestly, this was also my first time doing a photo shoot like this and I also wasn't sure what I was doing. So we were a good fit.


  Kim went for it. Even started to climb onto one of the lights until getting a talking to from a security guard. I'll suggest things to do and she would build off of it. 

    We eventually made our way to other parts of the LACMA entrance.

     When we reached the floating rock display I noticed how beautiful the lighting was so we made the most of having that area to ourselves as much as possible. 





   This was my first schedule shoot for my Los Angeles trip and I felt that it was a very solid and successful start. 



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