Los Angeles, CA

July 14, 2017

     I lived in Los Angeles for nearly 6 years. It was the most stressful, fun, depressing, and energetic time of my life. I worked hard and partied even harder. Upon entering my 30s, I was ready for a different kind of scene so I moved to the Pacific Northwest. This year, though, I really wanted to revisit the City of Angels  to reconnect with old friends, reflect on the good ol' days, and photograph as much as I can. 

     First thing I had to do while in L.A. was visit my Grandmother who is burred at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale. Her Grandfather purchased 8 plots near the front entrance back when Forest Lawn first opened for the steep price of $200. It's where everyone on her side of the family rests. I am always able to locate her because she lays right across the road from The Wizard of Oz author, L. Frank Baum. 

I put fresh flowers by her head stone, said my hellos and then I officially began my L.A. trip.

     After this I had some time to kill before my AirBNB in Echo Park was ready. I never spent a lot of time in Echo Park while I was a SoCal resident. I've driven through Echo park a few times to catch a Dodger's Game, but never explored the area. I've never even been to the Echo Park Lake before. So I parked, strapped on my camera, and just started walking. 


     The next morning,  I woke up early to see my old stomping grounds, Miracle Mile. This was the first neighborhood I lived in and I loved my time here.

 My first Apartment

     It was walking distance to my day job, walking distance to a few bars, walking distance to a Ralphs, I pretty much loved this area because I could just walk everywhere. Which was important because parking in this area is a straight up nightmare. I use to cancel the plans I had to go out because I was so sickened by the idea of having to find a parking space upon returning home.

     My little apartment was also within walking distance of one of the most intagrammed locations in L.A., the LACMA lights. I was there early enough in the day to get photos with no people in them. 

     The following day was another early morning. I wanted to get photos of the Observatory before too many people were out and about. The Griffith Observatory is located at the top of Griffith Park. Griffith was always my preferred place to 'hike'. It's more scenic, a bit more challenging, and doesn't smell like dog poop. 

     That afternoon I had to wait again for my second AirBNB to be ready so I got to explore another part of town, Silver Lake. I love Silver Lake. I wish I got the chance to live here. It's like my old Miracle Mile neighborhood but better. Being such a fan of walking, this area would have been perfect for me. Countless amounts of cute cafes, delicious eateries, and hip bars to choose from.

     What helps contribute to the charm of this area is all the street art. 

     Speaking of art, the next and final day of my SoCal adventure was spent in the downtown area.

 Downtown Market Place

     I really wanted to visit The Broad, a modern art museum. I have been to all the other art museums L.A. has to offer but I missed this one before my great migration North. It was worth the wait. I didn't get to see the infinity room because it was booked up for the day. However, once you have seen an infinity room post on Insta you have seen them all. 

     Well, that was my week in LA. I wish I got to see more parts like  West Hollywood and Santa Monica. I use to live in Venice so it would have been nice to make it out there for a day. Maybe even visit where my husband and I got married in Playa Del Rey.  Time just flies by when you are traveling. I guess I will just have to make another special trip down sometime to visit those locations.  Oh darn. 

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